Monday, September 1, 2014

Red Fang - Crows In Swine

I post these guys fairly often, so I'll cool it for a bit, but I had to post this. Because it's awesome. And it's metal. And it's awesome. Enjoy your head-bangin' Monday.

EDIT: Oh hey I made a new header. With working links and such. Swedish.

Pallbearer - An Offering Of Grief

These guys are ultra dark heavy grunge metal, and they're pretty cool. Again not something I'd listen to on a regular basis, but sometimes you need a fix of sludge and doom. For some reason they don't have any type of music video up, or even a decent live performance, so here's a fan-made one. Get on it already fellas.

The Daisy Anthesis - Rails

It's Monday. Labor Day Monday. And that can only mean one thing:


I posted a little blurb about seeing this St. John band a while back at The Capital, and they were awesome, easily one of the best metal bands I've ever seen live. I've said it a bunch of times, but let me re-iterate that screamo metal isn't my thing. It's unlikely I'll sit down and listen to their recorded stuff once a year, if that. Live though, I will happily check them out. They are true musicians and tremendous performers in person. Seriously, so see them and be entertained. I think they're actually just called Anthesis now, but frankly I like the original name better. Switch it back, fellas.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zammuto - IO

I loved the last album that Nick et al put out a couple years ago, and I really had no idea another one was coming out, so this was a very nice surprise. I've already listened to the new one, which doesn't really come out for a couple days, but rest assured it's excellent. Different from the last, yet similar. You can definitely expect it to be on my end of year best of list. This song is quite a bit... lighter than the others? It's cool, but there are several better ones to be found on it.

Beck - Heaven's Ladder

This was never actually released on any album, just in sheet music form in the Song Reader book slash website concept thingy that came out a couple years ago. So, in a way, this is kind of a brand new song I guess?

Down With The Butterfly - Tanks

Great song from an underrated band out of Halifax. That said I'm not even sure if they're still a thing. It's a shame, if not. Not too many bands like this right now.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Saturday Beat

It's Saturday, and that can mean only one thing. Beats! Awwwww yiss.

Dub? Trap? I'm bad with genres. Pretty funky whatever it is.

Now this is mad funky, almost worthy of a Friday. I wanted to post the actual link to this one but some marketing 'genius' decided I shouldn't be able to embed the track in a blog. Real smart pal, let's make it difficult to hype dope tunes. You deserve a raise.

Funky. Disco. House.

I love this remix. I used it in one of my mixes a year or so back.

We've had a good little dance party, so let's wind down with this killer chiller.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Vulfpeck - 1612

Saw these guys in a reddit post. Ridiculously funky. I am a fan.

EDIT: That's Antwaun Stanley on the vocals. He's also featured on this track.

Trombone Shorty - Buckjump

Right, here's some funk.

Ben L'Concle Soul - A Coup De Rêves

Looks like it's time for some Friday Funk. Let's start with this French fella. More like soul, almost a motown vibe maybe, but still pretty funky. Meh. It works. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Antemasque - Drown All Your Witches

It doesn't take long to hear a pretty distinct voice in this track. Of course it's Cedric from the Mars Volta and At The Drive-In. This is a sort of side project slash supergroup of sorts with him and his guitar buddy Omar, with some help from a little guy named Flea. Not surprisingly, it doesn't deviate too much from their other work. Still sounds cool though, we'll see where they take it from here.

Jonquil - Lions

I couldn't find a video for this anywhere so I'm using this fan-made one. I heard this track on the brilliant trailer for "Tomorrow We Disappear". I'd heard of these Oxford chaps before but never really paid them much mind. There's just a sort of haunting quality to this track though, it's really cool. Think I'll have to check out some more of them now.

Arkells - Never Thought This Would Happen

I missed yesterday. That was not intentional. These guys have a new album coming out. They're pretty popular in the indie circles, I suppose for good reason. Always been kind of hit and miss for me. I feel the same about this track. It's ok. I have an issue with it being labeled as an 'acoustic' rendition when there's a drum track playing in the background. Perhaps 'stripped' would be more accurate.