Friday, July 3, 2015

James - Ring The Bells

Today is a sad day. It's sad because I'm quitting Reddit. That seems strange, but it's the truth. Reddit has been a terrific source of crazy content, and a great way to waste time. It's a cesspool of the best and worst of humanity all wrapped into one. Beneath its many layers there is a tremendous community of knowledgeable people on literally any topic, and its AMA's are the stuff of legend.

Sadly, in recent months it's become increasingly apparent that censorship and commercialization have become a priority rather that its constituents, the ones to make the site what it is. Whether that has to do with the appointment of Ellen Pao as CEO or perhaps in concert with executive Alexis Ohanian is hard to say, but there's an uncanny correlation between the timing of that event and Reddit's descent into corporatism. 

The firing of Victoria Taylor, the long-time admin of AMA and, by all accounts, a terrific human being, is the final straw for me. A number of 'subreddits' have returned to 'full service' but I will not follow. I will not support the crumbling of democracy in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

I am not a billionaire, or a celebrity, or an executive, just an average card-carrying citizen of the world. My only trump card is my vote. If we, as humans, abdicate our responsibility to speak out and act against those we feel have wronged, we're just another cog in the soul-sucking machine. 

Is this an overreaction? It's just a stupid website. Maybe, but it seems to me more of a trend. If anyone has a legitimate alternative to reddit I will consider jumping on-board, but otherwise this is a sad end for me. I'm only one, and nobody will notice, but there it is.

What a shame.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ronald Jenkees - Try The Bass

Hello YouTubes!!! It's been 2.5 years... so excited to see he's back!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Keith Hallett - Cattle Call

I had to drop out of Folly Fest this year. That sucked. Was really looking forward to jamming with everyone and seeing some great fellas on stage. Keith was there. I'm sure it was great. Next year I'm going to Folly damnit.

Serj Tankian & Khatchadour Tankian - Bari Arakeel

SoaD's lead singer with his dad singing an Armenian choon. Pretty cool.

Miguel Rivera - Beat It

This guy is awesome. Was gonna post a different song, but this one is the best quality.

Al Murray's British History Lesson

I listened to Keith's song, got sick and nearly died. No, not really, but I've been bloody busy, hence the break. I'm still a work in progress. Here's a few laughs, then a few choons.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Keith Hallett - Take Sick And Die

This has nothing to do with Nina except that it's also awesome.

Zebra Katz & Leila - Nine Simone

...and some new song apparently inspired by her. Not sure.

Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam

From her Live in Holland show, 1965. Watch it here.

New Horizons - Voyage to Pluto

We're damn close. Unreal. Bring it on galaxy!

Serious mango cutting skills

Watch it to the end. Trust me.

John Oliver drinks Bud

The man follows through. Although those 'bites' were more like nibbles. Close enough.

Apologies for the potato quality. Apparently it's the best we can do.

The Colbeard

Colbert's gettin' ready for his big move.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015